LOST CAT - "Lost Cat" (CASS)

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Lost Cat - "Lost Cat" (CASS) 

Found! L-O-S-T CAT! The girls are back at it again, this time, with their self titled debut album. Recorded at Lolipop Records Studios in Los Angeles, CA the album features 10 tracks of raw and raucous girl gang vocals serenading you straight into oblivion….And if you don’t like it, you can go to hell! These kittens have been sharpening their skills with good licks and catchy hooks. Their ethos: just create "some good ol’ rock n roll." The band draws from their life experiences to bring you this album. With the special help of Lolipop Records' producer & co-owner, Ignacio Gonzalez, this record packs a punch!!!

Track Listing:

1. L.O.S.T
2. Know You Can’t Resist
3. Babe’s In Black
4. He’s Gone
5. Mental
6. Bitch Fight
6. What A Way To Die 
7. Won’t Be Back
8. Case Of Blues
9. Loser's Beware
10. My Love