JORDAN JONES - "And I, You" (LP)

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Jordan Jones - "And I, You" (DIGI/LP)

Jordan Jones is a Los Angeles raised singer/songwriter, orchestral composer, multi-instrumentalist and walking encyclopedia of abstract and off the beaten path music knowledge. A pop stylist with the melodic chops to rival Brian Wilson, the swagger and panache of Tom Jones and the graceful tone of some as of yet unidentified species of song bird. His nonchalant and lush pop recordings draw heavily from the popular music of the 1960s–1990s. 

Limited edition pressing to be played at 45 rpm. ONLY 200 COPIES PRINTED!!!


Track Listing:

Side A

1. Envelope of Skin

2. Listen

3. Promise You Forever

4. Adore You

Side B

1. Can I Stay

2. Love Song of J

3. Love or Lose